gift for environmentalists

Gifts for Environment Activists

Because of turning blind eyes towards the untamed monster called industrialization, we’ve managed to cripple our environment and the resultant global warming is now threatening our very own existence.

It’s not something out of the blue (some places don’t even see the blue), instead if you look around you, you’ll find an ailing ecology:

  • Seas filled with plastics thrown by us
  • Rivers polluted indifferently
  • Even space is not spared

For this matter, we all have a responsibility to dig deeper into what we’ve been doing to protect our environment from our own doings. Luckily, there are some people who think about it and to appreciate their concern, you can always reward them.

Here are some ecology gift ideas from us to you.

1. Cleaning wipes

Instead of killing trees for making tissue rolls, we have a better alternative, and that’s using reusable, washable cleaning wipes. They are made from cotton and thus, are very soft and subtle. If you think washing them, again and again, will only waste time, then let me ask you: Isn’t it worth your environment? Trees are killed in millions per day to fuel the tissue paper industry and paper industry. Can’t we take a moment and do a little hard work for the sake of harmless beings? And besides, these wipes dry super fast.

There are plenty of manufacturers out there and you can always buy them from Amazon.

2. Bamboo Straws

In the US alone, a study suggests that 500 million plastic straws are used every day. Now, imagine these straws getting dumped into the sea every single day. It is no surprise to say that our oceans will be filled with plastic very soon. There won’t be a place spared for marine life to live peacefully.

Obviously, shunning the habit of using plastic straws will take time, but if we together realize that bamboo straws are a better alternative, the change could be sped up.

Gifting these straws will surely put a smile on your pro-ecology friend’s face.

3. Reusable coffee mugs

Coffee is our staple morning beverage. While drinking it is in no terms bad, the use of plastic cups is what’s causing major ecology setbacks. You’ll be alarmed to know that we throw out some 108 billion disposable cups per year. Now, that’s a lot of plastic going to the dumps and then to the ocean.

Instead of relying on them, you can buy a reusable coffee mug for as low as $24 and gifting them to your environmentally conscious significant other will do great in strengthening his or her resolve.

4. Vivobarefoot

Vivobarefoot is the name of innovation when it comes to ecology friendly shoemaking. Its first look tells us that their shoes are just like any other, but if you read through and understand, they are doing a great service to the water bodies that are polluted with algal blooms.

The spongy foamy bloom is collected from the polluted water and the shoes are made. The best thing about them is, you guessed it right, that they are waterproof and can be worn without socks.

Considering these gifts for environmental activists, what else could your friend ask for? Besides you can also start using them and make a difference because it’s never too late to realize the importance of environmental sustainability.

Three Father’s Day Ecology Gifts Your Father Will Love You

These gifts are delightful to the palate – and actually be used – and they are good for the environment too. Whether your father is ecologically conscious, or the “green” aspect of the donation is driven by your own respect for the environment, these are our top 3 recommendations of the ecological father’s day:

1. Gosun Solar Cooker

Going without fuel never looked so good! These super-portable, space-age appliances are great for picnics in the garden, camping trips, or for everyday use. You can cook under cloudy conditions, reach temperatures of up to 550 ° F, and, in as little as 20 minutes, you can have a steamed, baked, fried, roasted, or grilled food! Yum! What father would not like that?

2. Rainwater DIY Collector

There are a lot of rainwater collection systems ready to use in the market, but why not spend some quality time with dad and build one together? They are easy to make and it will cost a fraction of what it would cost to buy one. We love these step-by-step instructions from Apartment Therapy.

3. Organic beer making kit

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a good, cold beer after a long day. However, the resources and energy that is needed to brew beer and ship beer in our local supermarket can not be called sustainable. This year, why not get a father team for home-brewing organic? Dad will love this – more, there is the added benefit of the brewing experience and enjoying the beer together. Dad is going to enjoy his next “cold” even more when he has gone through the same manufacturing process. Now that is my kind of gift.